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Image by Peter Kasprzyk


SINGLE OR MULTIPLE TEETH IMPLANTS- implants are an incredible contribution to dentistry. They have provided a way for patients the avoid having the teeth next to the space shaved down which is required for a bridge. Implants also allow flossing to be easily accomplished, facilitating good oral hygiene practices. 

MINI IMPLANTS- these are used for patients that require full dentures on upper/lower or both. These mini implants are small and less invasive than the implants used for tooth replacement. The mini implants "clip" into the denture providing much higher stability of the denture while chewing. These are a great solution for a denture patient that wants a stable denture.

Doctor Examining CT Scan


Bone grafting uses a variety of different materials designed to stimulate or increase the amount of bone in areas where bone has been lost or is expected to be lost. Bone grafting has been extremely beneficial in both dentistry and medicine, but can not be used successfully in all situations of bone loss.

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