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Dr. Thomas A Berry has transformed thousands of smiles over the last 30 years using the IPS (Individual Patient System) of orthodontics.  We customize every bracket on every tooth on every patient to fit that patients individual orthodontic needs.  This method allows the patient to have a better smile that fits their profile and allows for better retention.  We offer both traditional braces and white (porcelain braces).  We take almost all orthodontic cases, including severe crowding, Class I, II, or III, extraction cases and surgical cases without hospital stays.  Orthodontic consultations are free with no obligation to proceed with treatment.


Each patient gets customized brackets that are unique for their particular case which results in the best look for that individual. This customization results in faster, more consistent treatment results. 

We use the world’s most efficient and effective way to straighten teeth!

Individual Orthodontics
Orthodontic patient model


  • Customized- Your braces will be specifically designed and made for you

  • Faster Treatment- Treatment has sown to be 6 months faster

  • Fewer Treatment Visits- Long acting materials reduce the need for corrections

  • More Comfort- Your braces and wires will be customized for you, meaning less wire changes, pain, and irritation.

  • Better Smiles- Our technologies accurately predict your teeth's path to reduce unexpected tooth movements.

  • Improved Retention- Your teeth will be straightened to their final positions earlier and have improved capacity to retain in that position. 

Orthodontic Ceph Tracing

Tracings like this are done on each patient to determine the most accurate diagnosis and treatment plans.

Check out Individual Orthodontics website for more information regarding treatment process and procedure.


Don't want braces? We now offer Invisalign. Starting with an initial examination of your teeth, our dentist will determine if Invisalign is right for you. We will then map out a custom treatment plan to give you the smile you have always wanted. 


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